Are students allowed to get free trial?

YES. We believe in teaching and learning quality, so we allow the students to try out the tutor for up to 2 sessions before deciding if they want to change the tutor. Also, as part of our promotional program, new students will have 1 hour free to study with any tutors they like..

How to register for course?

Leave your name and phone number in the space below, and our representatives will call you and help you through the process. Alternatively, if you are familiar with computers, you can sign up here and download the app here.!

Do students reserve the course? How?

Unused learning hours will remain in your account indefinitely, so no need to worry!

How do I get an account when join a course?

To register, you only need to provide your name, email, phone number and our reps will contact you via phone number, or if you prefer to do it yourself, follow this link.

How to pay tuition fee? Can I get a refund for my tuition fee if I don't want to take the course?

Right now, you can pay tuition fee through bank transfer or cash in person. We also offer COD (cash-on-delivery) services so you can stay at home and pay tuition!

What is syllabus and is it sent to students?

The syllabus for each course will be sent to the students at the beginning of each course. You can find and download your syllabuses here.

Do students have to take an entrance and final exam?

The entrance exams are optional, students can elect to take it or not through our e-learning portal. The final exams will be administered by the tutor, and the results will decide whether the students can advance to the next level or not.

I am currently in a foreign country, can I join this class? What time is the class?

Absolutely, if you can manage the time. Convert your local time to GMT+7 here. Wire transfer instructions here. In the near future, we will add support for VISA, Master, PayPal and the likes.

Is the course committed by the company?

The courses are conducted by our partnered tutors; however, we will ensure the quality of learning and teaching through various means, and will refund fully if there is any complaints regarding teachers' conducts.
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