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About us

GoClass – Classes on the go is the leading prestigious e-learning website in VietNam. GoClass is proud to be a prominent bridge between students from all over the region and reputable, dedicated and experienced teachers. Based on specialized learning environment and modern technological application from Taiwan , students can study anytime, anywhere so that they can save tuition fee and quickly achieve their learning goals. GoClass always focuses on learners, provides all necessary learning programs for students of all ages who want to get TOEIC, IELTS certificates … as well as other special courses designed to adapt student’s various demand.

Benefits of learning English online with Goclass

Personalize customer experience and solve their problem in learning languages

Modern creative learning model and specialized materials

Flexible time, periodic assessment for students

Output commitment, installment and refund policies for students

Outstanding teachers


I have six years’ experience of teaching English, both online and in person, with a wide range of learners and at different ages


With Speaking and Writing strengths, I believe that I will bring great knowledge to students


With the strength of systematizing knowledge in teaching, I am confident to make a difference in each lesson for students.


With 4 years’ experience of teaching Chinese, I always try to renew each of my lessons to adapt a variety of students

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