Why us

Active and personalized learning model:

One-to-one learning method helps students make progress and achieve their learning goals.The learning pathway is specifically designed to suit each student's aspirations, needs, and acquisitiveness. This helps learners achieve higher results and create excitement.Flexible time and place for studying (from 6 A.M to 12 A.M). Only with internet - connected devices such as laptops, phones ...you can study any spaces.

Learning online with goclass
Học ngoại ngữ trực tuyến

Allowable expenses:

Free learning materials and test for students

Reasonable tuition fee for each group of teachers and student levels. From only VND 70,000 / hour to receive advanced education, we believe that everyone can attend GoClass courses.

Strict quality control:

At GoClass, students always receive dedicated guidance and support from the teacher and the classroom manager, ensuring the progress of students after every hour.

Ensuring the rights of learners, GoClass always monitors students' Feedback closely to meet their expectations - such as course reservation when eligible and changing teachers, if ineffective

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